Intelligent documents, smarter business: Your new AI-powered workplace

Embrace the future of document management with AI at the core, unlocking unprecedented Return on Information and strategic advantage.

This year's SER Summit agenda is laser-focused on helping you to:

Sharpen your competitive edge

Discover how AI-powered document management enables faster, happier and lower-cost experiences for customers and employees.

Innovate at scale

Explore how Intelligent Content Automation supports growth without compromising on efficiency and compliance.

Enhance collaboration

Understand AI’s role in fostering better teamwork and knowledge sharing across teams.


Check-in & welcome


Opening keynote: Intelligent documents, smarter business
Dr. John Bates, CEO

Main Stage - Ballroom


The Magic is Real: Intelligence Applied to Loan Management
Heather Anderson, Jennifer Lindell & Kevin McCollam

Main Stage - Ballroom


Lunch & networking


How AI is changing the world...and what the AI transformation means for the economy and society
Sascha Lobo

Main Stage - Ballroom

Peer forum - Industry focus


Transformation Journey: How to rise your Culture of Innovation

Lajos Lange, AWS

Main Stage - Ballroom

360° Digitalization and New Work Instead of Innovation Stagnation

Ishan Hegele & Thomas Nordiek, Stadt Bochum

Room A - Piano

  • How the City of Bochum creates a comprehensive with Doxis:

    • From digitized paper files and incoming mail to integration with specialized procedures.
    • The benefits of 'paper-free' workplaces for desk sharing and mobile office, enabling modern administration.
    • How stakeholder management and agile implementation strategies led to success.

Innovating Intralogistics Technologies with Doxis and SAP
Roland Gruijthuijsen, TGW Logistics

Room B - Library

  • How Doxis bridges the gaps between numerous ERP variants and creates a single-source-of-truth for large site documentations, project workspaces and materials.
  • Why using advanced metadata capabilities and integration options matter: making content available for humans and other services.
  • A glimpse of the future: TGW's plans for rolling-out the latest Doxis UX/UI and create intelligent assistants.
Peer forum - Industry focus


Exploring Doxis AI - how Wacker uses AI-driven content automation to create Digital Twins
Christian Helmes, Wacker Chemie

Main Stage - Ballroom

  • Employing state-of-the-art AI methods for content enrichment of technical facilities' digitized documents and as-built documentation in SAP/CAD systems
  • Providing all necessary documentation and information at people’s fingertips

Fully Automated DevOps Pipeline for Doxis
Sophie Riegler & Christian Reimers

Room A - Piano

  • How the largest German-speaking university with 90,000 students and 10,000 employees set up their development teams and processes for the Doxis platform.
  • Cracking the code on agile implementation with Dev(Sec)Ops teams.
  • Get comprehensive insights into our Doxis rollout and current projects, with specific examples.

Brave New Work - how Telekom MMS made Workplace 4.0 a reality using Doxis for Human Resources
Mandy Bergholz & Benjamin Sauer, Deutsche Telekom MMS GmbH

Room B - Library

  • How the HR of a 2.300 people tech company got ready for time- and place-independent work
  • What benefits leaders and employees get from using Doxis electronic personnel documents, records and workflows
  • Which pillars the project's success was built on and what Telekom MMS has planned for the future.


Industry Networking & coffee break

Exchange ideas with colleagues from your industry who are facing the same challenges as you. Here you have the opportunity to make valuable contacts, learn from each other and share best practices.

Banking, Finance & Insurance Education & Government Manufacturing Transportation & Logistics Healthcare and more


Modern, unified Document Management System for P&C (HR)
Pawel Pawlas, Philip Morris International

Main Stage - Ballroom

Next Gen Content Automation with SAP

Jacques Hoon and Philippe Gackstätter, SER

Room A - Piano

ECM: The Key to Business Agility - How a 360° View of Information Drastically Improves Operational Capabilities

Christian Bley, Solution Consulting, SER

Room B - Library


Project addDocuments - multi-department Doxis solution, review and outlook

Robert Jaksch, adesso

Main Stage - Ballroom

  • Why adesso selected Doxis as an ECM software for their own business and also partners with SER.
  • Three years into the project - review and outlook.
  • Learn details about the solutions created for Finance, HR, Shareholders, Procurement and Customers/Clients.

Digitalization of a Commodity Organization

Daniel Meier, Kolmar Group AG

Room A - Piano

  • How Kolmar orchestrates Process and Content with Doxis
  • Why providing an intelligent ‘glue’ across business application matters
  • Learn about the implementation approach, inherent challenges and the three layers for success

How fast is fast? Jump-starting the Doxis platform with Fast Starters and Business Solutions

Achim Schmitz, Solution Consulting, SER

Room B - Library


Day 1 wrap up and evening instructions


Chill time


Happy hour @Frederick's


Dinner & Party @Frederick's


Welcome & good morning coffee


What's next in the Doxisverse - Product keynote
Douglas Cardoso, VP of Products, SER

Main Stage - Ballroom


From documents to Doximents: A blue-sky vision of AI for the Natural History Museum, London
Dr. Steen Dupont, Natural History Museum

Main Stage - Ballroom


Networking & coffee break


30 years of Trust - Comprehensive, company-wide ECM and Inbound Automation

Main Stage - Ballroom

  • How August Storck KG and SER established a 30-years relationship for ECM - still flourishing today.
  • Why Storck  automated not only incoming invoices, but a great variety of business relevant documents.
  • What challenges companies face with the upcoming obligatory electronic billing directive.


Learn, experiment and implement - Your journey to advanced AI with Doxis

Marc Kroll, Solution Consulting, SER

Main Stage - Ballroom

The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) - Keep an overview with Doxis!

msg, Partner

Room A - Piano



AI-powered Fast Starters

Marc Volquardsen, Product Manager, SER

Main Stage - Ballroom

Digital signature with the German ID: A practice-oriented example in the Doxis Contract Management ICA

SnapConsulting, Partner

Room A - Piano


Lunch & networking



E-Invoicing Law 2025: Are you ready for it? Everything companies must know!

Christian Steinhauer, Solution Consulting, SER

Main Stage - Ballroom

What's new in the Doxisverse?

Our Doxis experts are excited to take you on a tour of what's new in the Doxisverse at our demo stands.

Demo Stands

  • Doxis Intelligent Content Automation platform: Revolutionize your document-centric processes
  • Doxis Intelligent Purchase-to-Pay Automation
  • Your connected ecosystem: Integration with SAP, Microsoft & Salesforce
  • Doxis Business Studio: Faster time-to-value with no-code content apps
  • Intelligent content, smarter business: Your new AI-powered workplace


Doxis, the platform: our innovation roadmap

Dr Gregor Joeris, CTO, SER

Main Stage - Ballroom


Closing remarks, customer & partner awards with raffle


Networking mixer

German-English: No problem!

We are delighted to have customers all over the world and to welcome an international audience to our Summit. Our simultaneous interpreters are back in action and bridging language barriers for you!

The contributions marked with the German and English flags in the agenda will be translated simultaneously.

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